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Available Puppies

Our puppies come with a one year health guarantee. We provide resources to help you and your wonderful new companion transition into their new home.   Whether you're looking for a family companion, agility dog or service dog, our puppies are the perfect choice!


Bordoodle Puppies

The Bordoodle is a happy, friendly dog. They are known to be affectionate & highly sociable. They are extremely loyal to their families and are great with children as well as senior adults. They can be protective of their family members. Their intelligence and drive to learn typically makes them very easy to train. They do well with other pets whether canine or feline.

Early socialization is key! 


Bernedoodle Puppies

Bernedoodles are typically playful and affectionate.  They are known to do great with children and other animals.  Among their favorite activities involves anything that keeps them around their human family. Bernedoodles require a great deal of human interaction.  Bernedoodles can have higher energy and can sometimes be a bit stubborn.  Though they can be headstrong, they are easy to train as they are highly intelligent.

Early socialization is key! 

tan doodle puppy

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