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Welcome to Dakota Bordoodles

Owned by Amy and Kelly Maurer

Roscoe, SD

We are small breeders who specialize in BORDOODLES.  We both have been raised with dogs and other animals on farms.  Amy has raised Corgis and Dachshunds in the past.  With a degree and in Animal Science from SDSU and a lifetime of being in the animal industry she has an understanding of what is needed to raise quality healthy dogs.


We are border collie family.  We love them, however, we do live in town and find the border collies can be a bit intense and do shed.  After much research we came to the conclusion that crossing the border collie with the poodle would produce a dog that is more mellow and lower shed.


We take pride in being able to match each family with a puppy that will fit their lifestyle.  We do not breed large numbers of dogs so we can stay smaller and more involved with each of our adults, as well as the puppies, on a daily basis.  This also allows us to give more time to our customers, and we are always here to offer advice or assistance.  We feel very strongly about selling the 'perfect' family dog and feel you can't do better than a BORDOODLE.

Our Farm

We live on a 29 acre farm 8 miles from Roscoe, SD.   

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